Rachel Moskowitz, MS, LMHC
Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Florida Supreme Court Certified Family Mediator
Parenting Coordinator
Collaborative Divorce Facilitator

Collaborative divorce is not your typical court-based, high-stress divorce.  Instead, it helps resolve divorce through a non-litigated, peaceful and respectful team-based approach. Collaborative divorce professionals seek mutually beneficial results with you, your spouse, and children in mind.

The collaborative team consists of the two clients and their lawyers, as well as a professional facilitator and a financial expert.  Specialized collaborative training is required of all team members.  Professional experts help the process move forward more quickly and easily and, unlike the attorneys, are neutral (not biased towards either side).

Because of this team approach, collaborative divorce is typically faster, less expensive, less emotionally damaging, more private, more protective of family relationships, and more of a win-win for each spouse.
To find out more about the collaborative divorce process please visit Next Generation Divorce.

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