Solution Focused Therapy

 Solution  focused therapy is a type of therapy that focuses on what clients want  to achieve through therapy rather than on their history. This approach does not focus on the past.  It focuses on the present and future. The therapist uses respectful curiosity to encourage  the client to envision their preferred future. Then therapist and client start to create a plan on how to achieve small goals and to  create that positive reality.     

Solution focused therapists support clients to identify times in their life when things matched more closely with the future they prefer. Differences and similarities between the two occasions are closely examined. By bringing small successes to awareness, and supporting clients to repeat their successful choices and behaviors,when the problem is not there or less severe, therapist facilitate client movement towards goals and preferred futures they have identified.

Rachel works primarily with individuals and couples.

Her specialties include: anxiety, depression, relationship and marital issues, parenting issues, and stress management.