"My partner and I are  very happy with Rachel even from day one.  She is great at creating ways  for us to move towards mutual change without placing any blame.  She is  intuitive, understanding, and empathetic.  She totally gets us and our  situation.  Rachel is precise and to the point, good at diffusing any  tension she senses, and is very knowledgeable and skilled.  We've only  had three sessions with her, but we have already made some positive  progress in our relationship since seeing her.  She has given us some  great tools to help us cope with behaviors and habits we have developed  and learned coming from different cultural backgrounds.  I think Rachel  is the perfect fit for us."  - L.C. and D.S. 

 "I  thoroughly enjoyed working with Rachel as she is extremely professional  and compassionate.  I felt very comfortable meeting with her.  She has  empathy and helps me understand my goals without coddling or enabling;  she's supportive.  Working with her has made it simple for me to find  solutions that apply to my life and situations.  I have a large amount  of respect for Rachel and would most certainly recommend her to friends  and family."  - N.H. 

 "Rachel's  approach to my situation was very goal oriented, which I loved.  She  helped me understand the way I felt and she helped me expand my thoughts  on different situations.  I am very thankful for the care I received.  I  have recommended family members to Rachel and I would recommend her to  anyone."  - M.D. 

 Rachel  Moskowitz is a true professional in her field.  I have the most  confidence in her services as a licensed mental health counselor and  frequently refer clients to her for their therapeutic needs.  As a  family law attorney, therapy and mental health is an essential element  to helping individuals achieve the best result for themselves and their  children."   - G.M. 

"Rachel is a phenomenal counselor/mediator.  She has helped more than  one member of my family through different, difficult situations.  She is  caring, compassionate, and highly skilled.  She is focused on useful,  meaningful solutions that you can immediately implement for exceptional  results in your life.  I highly recommend Rachel."  - S.P. 

 "The solution-based counseling Rachel Moskowitz provided helped changed  my life.  Rachel taught me with easy to use coping strategies that  prevented me from going on medication for anxiety and depression.  I  learned skills I can apply for the rest of my life in just a couple of  sessions.  I feel like I'm back to my normal self again thanks to  Rachel's listening and advice.  I would highly recommend Rachel to  anyone whether it's for prevention or treatment."  - R.C.